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  • Muv Luv Alternative Sequel Muv Luv Integrate Announced By Yoshimune Kouki

    October 22nd, 2019GamespotUncategorized

    Muv Luv‘s Yoshimune Kouki during developer âge's "âge 20th Anniversary Broadcast [Still Breathing]" live stream has announced Muv-Luv Alternative sequel Muv-Luv Integrate. Kouki also announced a Muv-Luv game with the title Project Mikhail for Windows PC via Steam, iOS and Android. 

    Read information on the two games below:

    Muv-Luv Integrate

    • Original author Hirohiko Yoshida is in charge of the planning and some of the scenario, as well as the mech design.
    • It is currently in the plotting stages.
    • It’s currently not decided what type of media it would be adapted to. It will be released on whatever is best at the time of release.
    • It is not an omnibus-style collection of stories, it is an official sequel to Muv-Luv Alternative.

    Project Mikhail

    • A game where the player controls their own Tactical Surface Fighter.
    • You can customize your Tactical Surface Fighter and its skills.
    • On PC, it will have keyboard and mouse support.
    • It is not a gacha game. Payment models such as a subscription or battle pass are under consideration.
    • Yoshiki Kashitani is the technical director. His previous titles include Vagrant StoryDirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy XIIIFinal Fantasy XIII-2, and Final Fantasy XIV. Other team members have worked on games such as the Front Mission series, Naruto Shippuen: Ultimate Ninja Storm series, White Knight ChroniclesNi no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, and more.
    • It is planned for release in 2021 with support for Japanese, English, and Chinese language options.

    Thanks Gematsu.

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