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  • Shin Hayarigami Out Now in the West

    April 3rd, 2018GamespotUncategorized

    Publisher I-Play announced it has released Nippon Ichi Software horror visual novel Shin Hayarigami in North America and Europe for iOS and Android.

    View a trailer of the game below:

    Here is an overview of the game:

    "Truth is invisible"
    Go on the most terrifying adventure with famous horror series of Shin Hayarigami: The Blind Man.
    Be ready. Because this story will make shiver... 

    Key Features:

    • Shin Hayarigami: The Blind man is a narrative masterpiece that will seriously creep you out once and for all. 
    • The story will bring out your biggest fear and shake you to the ground.
    • You can test your detective skills and try to shed the light on the most terrifiying murder case. 

    How to play:

    • Shin Hayarigami: The Blind Man is a light novel horror game. Follow the story, listen and watch carefully. Pay attention to every single detail that can help you solve the case and uncover the mistery of the Urban Legend of the Blind Man. 
    • From time to time you will have multiple choice questions. Your answers will define the future of the story and will affect the whole investigation. Think carefully before you choose an answer. Don't get trapped. 
    • Use all your detective skills that can help you find all the crucial clues. Will you be able to overcome your fear and find the truth?
    • Use your brain and logic to solve the case. Don't let your feelings and emotions come in a way.
    • Shin Hayarigami: The Blind Man is more than just a story. It is part of breath taking series of light horror novels. While playing this game you will discover thrilling and terrifying stories going through fear and horror. Be ready to shiver!
    • You will be fascinated with the story. While in real world, be prepared to crumble in fear as you will hear the murderer whispering in your ear: "Give me your eyes..."
    • Urban Legend: The Blind Man - the story is so dissturbing and so fascinating at the same time. This will be so scary, even for you!


    Unprecedented murder happened in an isolated village C in S prefecture. A body was found with the eyes carved out.
    "I have some information on the murder case that happened in the village C in S prefecture." 

    Because he talked about former university professor Takeshi Sekimoto who has been tried at the Tokyo district court to have information on this incident, he was transferred to a detention a center of C village department in a special case.

    The responsible person of Sekimoto will be in charge of the special police section (common name: special chapter) which is the window side department in the station to which hero Hojyo Saki belongs. Sekimoto confirmed the case material all the time confidently.

    This case is the work of urban legendary monster "BlindMan"

    With Shin Hayarigami: The blindMan, start a journey in a terrific horror game, that will shake you to the ground, follow the footstep of the Urban Legend the BlindMan, to crack this scary case and bring back peace to the city. Dive deep in this scary atmosphere tainted with suspense and a fear and be ready to shiver. But be careful to not get trapped in your feeling or you may be the next victim!

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