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  • Metal Max Xeno Info Details Character Classes, Skills, And More

    April 17th, 2018GamespotUncategorized

    Kadokawa Games has released new information on Metal Max Xeno that details character classes and skills, character-specific techniques, development of Nephtech equipment, and vehicle weaponry weight reduction and Super Modding.


    Read the information below:

    ■ Character Classes and Skills

    Customize your vehicle and party configuration to your liking by changing and developing character classes. For example, if you have class good with cars, then hand to hand combat will be a central component to your character. Here is a glance at the different character classes and special skills at your disposal.

    ◆ Hunter

    Taris’ starter class. Fights fairly well on foot but is especially good at fighting monsters while riding a vehicle.


    A special skill Hunters throughout the series traditionally have. The Hunter senses and aims for an enemy’s weak point to strike. It is easy to achieve critical hits with this skill.


    Decoy Lure

    The character becomes a decoy and tries to lure their target monster by becoming friendly, however it is not always successful.

    ◆ Mechanic

    Yokky’s starter class. Battlefield repairman skilled at servicing vehicles. Though quite poor at battling on foot, they are very capable fighters in a vehicle.

    Wrench Attack

    Mechanics are not especially good against other human enemies, but machines are another story. Use this skill to lower mechanical enemy’s defense with your wrench.

    Hazardous Repair

    In the height of battle, without concern for their own danger, the Mechanic makes repairs to your vehicle. It is the Mechanic’s shining moment.

    ◆ Survivor

    Toni and Ittica’s starter class. The Survivor manages to scrape by the desolate wastelands with recovery skills and the ability to play dead at will, however they are not very good at battle.

    Recovery Duty

    The Survivor can use a healing item on multiple people, recovering the whole party at the same time. The survivor takes on the valuable healer role without a medic.

    Smokescreen Grenade

    Throw a handmade smokescreen grenade at your enemy, lowering their attack accuracy rate. The effectiveness lasts two-to-three turns.

    ◆ Soldier

    Maria’s starter class. Soldiers are specialists that show off their true value in hand to hand combat when they fight off of the vehicle. They are not as adept while riding the vehicle.


    Attack twice with the character’s equipped weapons. If two or more types of weapons are equipped, the Soldier will attack while shifting between them.

    Barrel Blast

    The attack damage of the vehicle’s weapon is increased, and consecutive attacks are attempted. On the flip side though, there is a risk that the weapon used will break.

    ◆ Gangster

    Dylan’s starter class. A violent role with flashy techniques. They can fight from the vehicle or hand to hand, but their major flaw is that they lack speed.

    Chaotic Fling

    Deal a lot of damage by quickly tossing two-to-four hand-style attack items at the enemy.

    Blind Fire

    Attack multiple enemies, using your weapon if on foot or the vehicle’s weapon if riding.

    ◆ Medic

    Misaki’s starter class. A specialist in recovering HP for wounded comrades. Also capable of killing living monsters in the blink of an eye.


    The Medic accurately detects bio-type monster’s weak point and produces a quick kill.

    Battlefield AED

    The medic tries to recover weak comrades. If successful, their HP will be recovered over 50 percent.

    ■ Character-Specific Techniques

    Characters have particular techniques special to them besides their class skills.

    Seven Metamorphosis

    A technique specific to Ittica.

    She can change into the spitting image of a selected character. Their strength will be the same, but she cannot replicate their special skills.

    Left Hand of Imperial Wrath

    A technique specific to Taris.

    He arbitrarily intercepts bullets into his artificial arm from rogue machines, and when invoked he releases the electricity in a counter attack.

    ■ Development of Nephtech Equipment

    Nephtech Equipment is a prototype weapon group manufactured using Nephilim technology, an unknown science that human beings reverse engineered in the midst of widespread destruction by the dreadful NOA. It is forbidden weaponry that was lost without actually being deployed.

    —Along the way you will receive the Nephtech radar, which will show on the travel map where Nephtech related items are buried.

    —As you draw closer to the buried sites, a pillar of light unlike the regular dig spots rises from the ground on the radar.

    —When you obtain the Nephtech primer field, which is the core of each weapon, it invokes a defense mechanism called the Nephilim Wall. It proves to be a formidable enemy you will need to be prepared to defeat in order to successfully obtain the Nephtech.

    —Each Nephtech primer field has varying Nephtech materials for powering up equipment. Satisfy the set conditions and raise your rank for a considerable power up.

    —The Nephtech-fortified R. Wolf. Nephtech can be equipped on each assortment: cannon, SE, machine gun, and engine.

    ■ Vehicle Weaponry Weight Reduction and Super Modding

    Tune Up to the Limit with Weight Reduction

    Try to balance your weight between the weapons and engine while investing your vehicle’s SP to power it up, but remember the lightweight parts are only provide half the defense power.

    It is necessary to take extra caution when you have equipped low-defense parts since they take damage easily. Be sure to keep your defense power in mind as your organize your vehicle’s equipment as a whole.

    Push Modding to the Limit

    Throughout your adventure, you will obtain Super Modding Alloy. If you use it, you will be able to surpass the limitations of the regular weapon and engine mods, resulting in a super strong modification.

    Metal Max Xeno will launch for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on April 19, and for the PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe this fall. 

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