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  • Games to Watch Out for From EGX Rezzed 2018 – Part 1

    April 15th, 2018GamespotUncategorized

    Like clockwork it's that time of year once again, where many budding developers and veterans alike showcase their games to the public in London's Tabaco Dock, highlighting what they've been working on and hoping you give their games a go. This year was just as crazy as others, with many smaller developers buying booth space to showcase their projects, so much so it can get a bit overwhelming with how much is being released these days. 

    To help break it down, over the next few articles I'll explain the games you should watch out for, and what stood out on the showfloor. 


    Strange Brigade

    Developer - Rebellion
    Release date - TBA
    Platforms - PC, PS4, Xbox One

    One of the first games to catch my eye at EGX Rezzed this year was Strange Brigade from Rebellion Entertainment, the very same people that created Sniper Elite. Based on the same engine and using a lot of assets from the aforementioned series, Strange Bridgage has you teaming up with three other players as you take on hordes of zombies and giant ancient creatures in what can only be summed up as a crazy and hectic third person shooter. While playing the demo at Rezzed, I couldn't help but constantly draw comparisons with Call of Duty's zombies mode, which is a pretty flattering comparison in many ways given that a lot of fans buy Call of Duty titles just for that one mode alone.

    In my time with the game I had my character powering up, using fireballs, and causing all manner of damage to the hordes of zombies that were lumbering towards me. It was definitely better in the demo to team up with others playing the game, but I still had a blast by myself, and look forward to playing this when it eventually releases.



    Developer - Bitloomgames
    Release Date - 2019
    Platforms -  TBA

    Walking around the show floor, PHOGS was certainly getting a lot of attention from fellow attendees, and not only for its unique premise and weird name. Set in a gorgeously vibrant world and with a unique control scheme, PHOGS has players controlling two ends of a dog, with one player controlling the head at one end and the other the rear end. Just like last year's Snake Pass, this unique control scheme means that players not only have to work together to overcome puzzles (should they play co-op), but also experiment with everything in the environment to get through each of the game's 30 levels.

    While PHOGS won't be available until 2019, it certainly seems to be a puzzle game to watch out for, and if attendees' reactions are something to go by, PHOGS will be a thoroughly entertaining family game.

    Cat Quest

    Developer - The Gentle Bros
    Release Date - Already released
    Platforms - Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4

    Cat Quest has actually been out for a while, but it's a brilliant example of why games conventions are good at getting the word out for under-appreciated releases. It completely flew under my radar when it launched late last year but I was stunned by its presentation as I was passing the game's booth on the show floor, and I just had to find out more about it.

    Cat Quest is a typical RPG but set in a world of cats. Where it differs from other RPGs is in the graphical department - Cat Quest truly looks stunning, with the environments, characters, attacks and everything all looking lovingly animated and being an absolute joy to behold.

    If you're like me and missed Cat Quest the first time round, I'd hugely recommend giving it a look. To say I was entertained during the time I played it was an understatement; I purchased it for the Nintendo Switch the second I got home and look forward to playing more.



    Developer - Whoop Group
    Release Date - In Early Access
    Platforms - PC

    While not as flamboyant or downright crazy as other games on the show floor, Tracks appealed to many thanks to its charming graphics and awesome premise. In Tracks, players create their own train tracks, as if they're building a kid's wooden train set from scratch.

    With a variety of pieces to choose from, different level aesthetics, including christmas themed updates, Tracks looks set to be a great little novelty. I look forward to seeing what weird and wonderful creations the internet comes up with when it eventually comes out of Steam Early Access.

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