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  • Compile Heart Released Mary Skelter 2 Information

    April 2nd, 2018GamespotUncategorized

    Compile Heart has released new information on Mary Skelter 2 that details characters Kaguya and Thumbelina, the battle system and the Kagome Kagome Effect.

    Read the information below:

    ■ Characters


    A girl with a ladylike aura and way of speaking, who is both positive and put together. While searching for the Blood Maidens that have gone missing, she is discovered in the Blood Skelter state.

    She rides her special “Bamboo 1” vehicle both when she moves and when she fights, and it is said that she has seven mysterious tools, such as a spray, hidden up her sleeves. She responds quickly to words like “useless” and “nuisance.”


    The oldest of the three sisters who serve the Order of the Sun sub-leader Hitsuka. She was originally a Blood Maiden, but due to a “certain incident” in the Order of the Sun, she and her younger sisters Snow White and Sleeping Beauty returned to the Order where they first belonged.

    When she reunites with Tsuu and the others, she becomes unable to trust anyone and is suspicious of everything. That behavior worries Snow White and Sleeping Beauty, and things often turn into an argument.

    ■ System

    ◆ Battle / Basics of Battle

    Overcome Deadly Battles Splattered in Pink-Dyed Blood

    Mary Skelter 2 uses a fast, turn-based command battle system where Tsuu, Jack, and five other characters participate at once. By hitting the enemy’s weak point and performing an Overkill, a large amount of blood will splatter from the enemy. The blood that splatters will stick to the characters.

    By licking the blood that sticks to the characters, you can activate your “Blood Soul Skill,” which has a healing effect, and by “becoming fully covered in blood,” you can transform into “Massacre Mode” or “Blood Skelter Mode,” in which you exhibit unhinged strength. How you choose to make use of the blood will influence the fate of the battle.

    Massacre Mode and Blood Skelter Mode: Throw the Battle Into Disarray with Unhinged Awakenings

    —Massacre Mode

    By continually getting splattered with blood from the enemy during battle, the character’s blood icons will increase. When her blood icons reach capacity and it becomes her turn, she can transform into the unhinged “Massacre Mode.”

    In Massacre Mode, the character’s appearance and behavior changes. Her Blood Maiden power blooms, she can use “Massacre Skills,” and her stats significantly increase.

    —Blood Skelter Mode

    In battle, “impurity” will build up in situations that put the Blood Maidens’ minds in a state of uneasiness, such as “taking heavy damage” or when “someone becomes unable to battle.”

    When a Blood Maiden’s impurity builds up and their blood icons reach capacity, she will not enter Massacre Mode, but rather “Blood Skelter Mode,” an awakening overwhelmed by madness.

    In this state, the Blood Maiden will not listen to any of the player’s commands. The unhinged Blood Maiden will exert her power, regardless of friend or foe. Is this unhinged transformation an “ally” or “enemy”? That is up to the player to decide…

    In order to return a Blood Maiden from Blood Skelter Mode to their original state, Jack must use his “Purify” command.

    ◆ Battle / Kagome Kagome Effect

    New Element: Turn the Enemy Around with the “Kagome Kagome Effect”

    By using the “Bloodshot Effect” attached to weapons and skills, you can hemorrhage and turn around the enemy. This is called the “Kagome Kagome Effect.”

    Enemies hit with the Kagome Kagome Effect are completely defenseless. Whether you attack them with the entire group at once or use that chance to attack surrounding enemies is up to you. Be sure to use the Kagome Kagome Effect on difficult / strong enemies.

    Mary Skelter 2 will launch for the PlayStation 4 in Japan on June 28.

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