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  • Monster Hunter: World Major Update Out March 22

    March 14th, 2018GamespotUncategorized

    Capcom announced a major update is coming to Monster Hunter: World on March 22.


    Read the details below:

    ■ Deviljho, the World Eater

    Mark your calendars: the Deviljho is headed to the New World, devouring everything in its path, and will be arriving on March 22 with our first free major title update (PS4 version 2.00 / Xbox One

    This fearsome Brute Wyvern is sure to wreak some serious havoc and bring massive headaches to any unsuspecting hunters… but those who fell this violent beast will be handsomely rewarded. Bring Deviljho materials to the Workshop and they’ll be able to craft 2 complete armor sets—Vangis α and Vangis β—as well as a new entry in each of the 14 existing weapon types, including brand new Deviljho designs for Sword and Shield, Hunting Horn, Bow, Insect Glaive and Charge Blade!

    Are you ready to face this terrifying tyrant?

    ■ Spring Blossom Fest

    • Starting April 5 at 5 p.m. PT / April 6 at 12 a.m. GMT
    • Ending April 18 at 5 p.m. PT / April 20 at 12 a.m. GMT

    Now shifting things to a much lighter mood… shortly after the arrival of the mean pickle in Monster Hunter: World, we’ll be hosting our very first seasonal event: the Spring Blossom Fest. Come celebrate with us and participate in daily fun activities, which will, of course, involve a lot of monster hunting.

    We’ve completely decorated the Celestial Pursuit (Gathering Hub) and even issued out new official Guild uniforms to all the staff. Oh, and food! You can’t have a party without food, so we’ve added a special new platter too.

    We’ll have more details on this limited-timed event pretty soon but make sure you mark your calendars so you don’t miss out!

    Mega Man and Weapon Design Contest Winner

    Also during the Spring Blossom Fest, we’ll be hosting two very special Event Quests.

    The first one will get you tickets to craft the Mega Man voxel style Palico gear and will be available from April 13th through April 27th:

    And the other, available at the start of the Spring Blossom Fest on April 6th, will unlock materials to craft the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword, the winner of our community Weapon Design Contest. Check out the winning concept submission along with its slick in-game render:

    ■ Weapon Balance Updates

    Also on the topic of weapons, the upcoming March 22 title update will bring to the table a number of tweaks, adjustments and bug fixes to most weapon types.

    • Great Sword: increased the damage for Charged Slash abilities.
    • Long Sword: improvements to Foresight Slash input timing and hitbox detection.
    • Sword & Shield: Roundslash damage increased and improved slinger usability.
    • Dual Blades: adjustments to help maintain Demon Gauge active.
    • Hammer: adjusted the stun values on charged attacks.
    • Hunting Horn: general attack power increase.
    • Lance: Counter-thrust adjustment to increase ease of use.
    • Gunlance: Reduced sharpness loss for shelling, and made some attack power increases.
    • Switch Axe: Zero Sum Discharge adjustments to increase ease of use.
    • Charge Blade: balance adjustments to Impact Phial and Power Element Phial.
    • Insect Glaive: improvements to extract attack power increase and extract effect length.
    • Bow: fixed various bugs.
    • Light Bowgun: no adjustments were made.
    • Heavy Bowgun: no adjustments were made.

    We’ll be sharing a more comprehensive list when the title update goes live. In the meantime, please know that our team in Japan is hard at work monitoring player behavior and feedback, and we hope these changes will make for a better and smoother hunting experience.

    ■ Additional Game System Changes and Character Edit Voucher

    Speaking of player feedback, we have heard your requests to have the ability to re-edit your in-game character, so we’re giving everyone one free Character Edit Voucher on March 16. This voucher will be available for free in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Game Store, but it is a one-time use token, so please use it wisely. Here’s what you can and cannot edit with this voucher:

    You can edit:

    • Hunter gender
    • Hunter physical appearance (skin tone, features, etc.)
    • Hunter cosmetic appearance (hairstyle, facepaint, etc.)

    (Note: You can already do these at any time.)

    You cannot edit:

    • Hunter name
    • Palico name
    • Palico appearance

    If you choose to make further edits after you’ve consumed the free Character Edit voucher, we’ll be offering more vouchers for purchase at a later date. More details to come.

    We’re also deploying some changes to a number of game systems with the March 22 title update, hoping to improve your gameplay experience even more:

    • Attacks from allies no longer interrupt you during the carving animation. Additionally, players are now immune to all hit reactions, including bombs, during carving animations after quest completion.
    • Added “Return to Gathering Hub” (single player) and “Disband & Return to Gathering Hub” (multiplayer) to the options for “Select Return Destination” after a quest has been completed.

      Added the “Text Size” setting for changing subtitle text size, under Start Menu > Options Game Settings.

    Monster Hunter: World is out now worldwide for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will launch for Windows PC in fall 2018.

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