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  • Far Cry 5 Gets Cult Vignette and Gameplay Trailers

    March 2nd, 2018GamespotUncategorized

    Ubisoft has released four new Cult Vignette trailers and a gameplay trailer for Far Cry 5.

    View the Faith Seed - Cult Vignette trailer below:

    Once you fall under Faith’s spell you can’t escape. As Joseph’s voice, Faith acts as a divine instrument of chaos to keep the congregation in a state of bliss.

    View the Jacob Seed - Cult Vignette trailer below:

     "Preparedness through pain” is Jacob's mantra. As the Cult's recruiter and a former Army marksman, big brother Seed's main duty is protecting the Project at Eden's Gate. 

    View the Joseph Seed - Cult Vignette trailer below:


     Joseph became the leader of the Project at Eden’s Gate after he heard a Voice whisper to him, telling him that the world was headed for a Great Collapse. The voice gave Joseph a single directive: “Save as many as you can. Whether they want to be saved or not.

    View the John Seed - Cult Vignette trailer below:


     John's doctrine is "The Power of Yes." As the reaper for Eden's Gate, John will use intimidation and even violence to secure resources vital to the Cult's survival. Anyone who tries to interfere with the cult will face a merciless death...Unless of course, John has another use for them. 

    View the Mayhem in the Mountains gameplay trailer below:


     Far Cry 5 launches in just under a month, so it's time to visit a new region of Hope County: the Whitetail Mountains, a rugged land of trees, ziplines, and tons of opportunities to snipe cultists and blow stuff up. Montana's mountain country is a paradise for stealthy players, with plenty of forests to hide in and wingsuit-friendly cliffs for getting the drop on enemies, and it's home to some of the toughest people you'll meet in Far Cry 5. 

    Far Cry 5 will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on March 27.

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