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  • Secret of Mana Trophy List Revealed

    February 13th, 2018GamespotUncategorized

    The Trophy list for the upcoming 3D remake Secret of Mana has been released now that the game is just two days away from release.

    View the Trophy list below:

    Name Description Trophy
    Earn al trophies Earn all trophies Platinum
    Defeat Mantis Ant Defeat Mantis Ant Bronze
    Defeat Tropicallo Defeat Tropicallo Bronze
    Defeat Spikey Tiger Defeat Spikey Tiger Bronze
    Defeat Biting Lizard Defeat Biting Lizard Bronze
    Defeat Fire Gigas Defeat Fire Gigas Bronze
    Defeat Wall Face Defeat Wall Face Bronze
    Defeat Kilroy Defeat Kilroy Bronze
    Defeat Jabberwocky Defeat Jabberwocky Bronze
    Defeat Spring Break Defeat Spring Break Bronze
    Defeat Great Viper Defeat Great Viper Bronze
    Defeat Boreal Face Defeat Boreal Face Bronze
    Defeat Frost Gigas Defeat Frost Gigas Bronze
    Defeat Mech Rider Defeat Mech Rider Bronze
    Defeat Minotaur Defeat Minotaur Bronze
    Defeat Vampire Defeat Vampire Bronze
    Defeat Mech Rider 2 Defeat Mech Rider 2 Bronze
    Defeat Lime Slime Defeat Lime Slime Bronze
    Defeat Gorgon Bull Defeat Gorgon Bull Bronze
    Defeat Dark Stalker Defeat Dark Stalker Bronze
    Defeat Shadows #1, 2, & 3 Defeat Shadows #1, 2, & 3 Bronze
    Defeat Aegagropilon Defeat Aegagropilon Bronze
    Defeat Kettle Kin Defeat Kettle Kin Bronze
    Defeat Mech Rider 3 Defeat Mech Rider 3 Bronze
    Defeat Blue Dragon Defeat Blue Dragon Bronze
    Defeat King Vampire Defeat King Vampire Bronze
    Defeat Dread Slime Defeat Dread Slime Bronze
    Defeat Dark Lich Defeat Dark Lich Silver
    Defeat Mana Beast Defeat Mana Beast Silver
    Reach the ending Reach the ending Gold
    All weapons at level 9 All weapons at level 9 Gold
    All magic at level 8 All magic at level 8 Gold
    Visit all locations on Flammie Visit all locations on Flammie Silver
    Complete the Guide Complete the Guide Gold
    Defeat all monsters Defeat all monsters Silver
    Obtain all torso gear Obtain all torso gear Silver
    Obtain all head gear Obtain all head gear Silver
    Obtain all arm gear Obtain all arm gear Silver

    Secret of Mana will launch for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC via Steam on February 15.

    Thanks DualShockers via PSNProfiles.

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