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  • Code Vein Info Details the Backstory, Affinity, Home Base, and More

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    Bandai Namco has released new information on Code Vein that details the Home Base, character interactions, Affinity, the backstory and more.


    Read the details below:

    ■ Second Main Visual

    In the second main visual, we can see the Revenants gathered at the Home Base.

    ■ Home Base

    Louis and company remodeled an old chapel and established it as their Home Base. In a world where the fear of death is constant, the Home Base is the only place where the Revenants can feel at peace. The Home Base is where the Revenants who have lost their memories and foundation gather and support each other.

    Character Await the Protagonist’s Return at the Home Base

    Louis, Yakumo, and other partner characters, as well as those that assist them in the field, all gather at the Home Base, where you can receive various forms of support.

    —By talking to partner characters, you can ask them to accompany you in the field.

    —In addition to partner characters, support characters that offer various forms of field assistance will gather at the Home Base.

    —In addition to purchasing and upgrading weapons, and purchasing items, you can also change the protagonist’s clothing and hairdo at the Home Base.

    ■ New Characters

    Rin Murasame (voiced by Yuuki Takada)

    A Revenant whose main work consists of weapons supply and upgrades. Once known as “yaksha,” she was an excellent soldier with high enough combat ability to lead an army, but an incident in the past led to trauma, and she is no longer able to fight. She is exposed to the protagonist’s ability to see glimpses of peoples’ memories, and hopes to confront her past.

    In addition to buying and upgrading weapons and Blood Veils, you can also transform the very nature of your weapon through “Equipment Transformation.” For example, you can give your weapon an attribute or lighten its weight.

    Coco (voiced by Nanako Mori)

    A Revenant who comes from a guild that lives off of selling goods. If you can pay for it, she will sell you even this world’s most valuable items. While a merchant, she is also compassionate and cannot ignore someone in trouble. As a Revenant, she is only missing a fragment of her memory, which is rare. However, she seems to have a past that she by all means wants to regain.

    In addition to buying items useful for your exploration, you can also buy “Valuables” from Coco.

    Io (voiced by Lynn)

    Like the protagonist, Io has lost the the greater part of her memory. She awaits the protagonist back at the base, where she finds shelter. She supports the protagonist through her repair abilities and detailed knowledge of Blood Crystals.

    By recovering and repairing the Blood Crystals of partner and support characters, you will be able to restore their lost memories.

    —By bringing the Blood Crystals you obtained while exploring the world of Vein to Io and repairing them, you can restore their memories and acquire new Gifts.

    Davis (voiced by Shin’ya Takahashi)

    A Revenant and member of the Public Order Preservation Force known as “Cerberus” who transfers to Louis’ Home Base. Perhaps because he has fought many battles, he has lost most of his memories from when he was alive. While performing his duties as a member of Cerberus, he is searching for a woman in a picture whose name he has already forgotten.

    —Davis’ main duty is the tax collection of Blood Tears, but after the outbreak of the red fog, he seems to be investigating an area called “The Depths” in search of a new source of supply for Blood Tears and resources.

    ■ Character Interactions and Affinity

    The protagonist has an Affinity with each of the characters at the Home Base, and by deepening the connection between them, that Affinity will rise. You may even receive valuable items from high Affinity characters.

    —When your Affinity with a character is low, they will give you general consumable items and gestures.

    —When your Affinity with a character is high, the variation of items they give you will increase. You may even get valuable upgrade materials and exclusive weapons…

    —You can also talk to support characters like Murasame and Coco. The items you get differ depending on the character, so be sure to talk to them every so often.

    There are three ways to raise Affinity.

    Give Characters Their Favorite “Valuables”

    In addition to the Valuables you can get from Coco, you can also obtain Valuables through exploration. You can then give characters their favorite things. Depending on what you give them, you may even get to see a surprising reaction…

    Take Partner Characters Out to the Field

    Characters that are able to fight, like Louis and Yakumo, can be taken out to the field as partner characters, which can increase their Affinity.

    Repair Blood Crystals and Restore their Memories

    All of the Revenants gathered at the Home Base have lost their memories. If you find their Blood Crystals while exploring, you can use Io’s power to restore their memories and further deepen your connection with them.

    ■ The History of the World of Code Vein

    ◆ The Great Collapse

    • The Birth of the Revenants
    • The Start of the Q.U.E.E.N. Project
    • Q.U.E.E.N.’s Rampage

    ◆ Operation Queenslayer

    • The Outbreak of the Red Fog and The Appearance of the Blood Tear Springs
    • The Reign of Silva
    • The Provisional Government Office and The Formation of Cerberus, The Control of Human Protection, and the Introduction of the Blood Tax System

    ◆ The Present

    The World’s Collapse and the Birth of the Revenants

    —The Great Collapse

    “The Great Collapse”—the name of the calamity that suddenly attacked the world. The Thorns of Judgment destroyed the greater part of most cities, and it is said that nearly half of mankind died.

    —The Birth of the Revenants

    Revenants are artificially created and immortal soldiers made for the purpose of defeating the strange creatures referred to as “monsters” that appeared alongside the world’s destruction. They possess extremely high physical abilities compared to a regular human, and can vanish and revive any number of times as long as their heart is not destroyed.

    —The BOR Parasite

    “BOR” is an abbreviation for a parasite known as the “Biological Organ Regenerative” formula. It parasites onto the heart of a corpse that has lost its biological functions, and can control and operate all of its organs, including the brain, by pumping its own blood throughout the body.

    By implanting an improved BOR Parasite into the heart of a dead human in order to keep the corrosion level at a certain condition, the Revenant—an immortal being that can maintain its natural will—was born.

    The Characteristics of a Revenant


    A “self-defense function” by way of the BOR Parasite in the heart of a Revenant that occurs when the functions of a Revenant’s body are stopped. The cells that make up the body disperse into the air, and the body revives through the reformation of the cells.


    The total ashification of a Revenant host’s body caused by the bond collapse of the body cells when the BOR Parasite that parasited their heart is destroyed. In such a situation, the Revenant will never again be able to revive, and will meet their “death.”

    —Memory Loss

    In situations where a Revenant repeatedly dies and revives, and the parasite in their body is damaged, memory loss will occur. The Revenants themselves are unable to notice the fact that they are losing their memories.

    —Losing One’s Sanity (Becoming a Lost)

    When a Revenant’s thirst for blood exceeds its threshold, they will be reduced to a “Lost.” Once they lose their sanity and become a Lost, they will never again be able to go back to being a Revenant.


    The final stage of a Revenant, a human transformed by the BOR Parasite. When their thirst for blood exceed its threshold and they lose their sanity, they will become a Lost.

    Since corrosion by the BOR Parasite accelerates and fuses at the host and cell level, the destruction of the BOR Parasite itself, otherwise ashification, is practically impossible.

    A Lost is a true immortal monster that cannot be annihilated even if its heart is destroyed, and has absolutely no human reasoning remaining within it.

    The Q.U.E.E.N. Project

    A project with the goal of suppressing the “homogeneous blood thirst” defect of Revenants and creating the perfect soldier. By putting the blood of all living organisms into a BOR Parasite, success was achieved in the dispersion and suppression of the craving for homogenous blood, as well as the restraining of thirst symptoms, but the girl that was the subject of the experiment could not bear the constant and intense pain she endured and ran wild, which led to Operation Queenslayer.

    —Q.U.E.E.N.’s Appearance

    Q.U.E.E.N.’s arm is wrapped in bandages and she wears the hospital gown-like clothes she wore at the time of her rampage. Her body emits a miasma that accelerates a Revenant’s thirst for blood, making her difficult to approach. She has the powerful ability to manipulate countless thorns, and has slaughtered an innumerable number of Revenants. She also has the ability to control the Lost around her at she pleases.

    Gregorio Silva (voiced by Akio Ootsuka)

    A former soldier and Revenant. After the Great Collapse, from the Birth of the Revenants to The Q.U.E.E.N. Project, he has taken command in order to save mankind. Silva, who determined that the rampaging Q.U.E.E.N. would become a threat to mankind, started a fight to defeat Q.U.E.E.N., and even revived himself as a Revenant to take command.

    Operation Queenslayer

    In order to destroy the rampaging Q.U.E.E.N., a group of Revenants under Silva’s command fought a battle where the fate of mankind was at stake. Revenants produced from people that died as a result of the Great Collapse or Q.U.E.E.N.’s rampage were brought in as soldiers. The battle can also be said to be the main reason there are so many Revenants. After that, it was also a reason so many Lost were born.

    —Many Revenants that were born under the command of Silva participated in battle.

    —A violent battle against the Lost controlled by Q.U.E.E.N. The Revenants, who can revive any number of times as long as their heart is not destroyed, are flung around to the point of death.

    The Government After Operation Queenslayer

    After Operation Queenslayer, Silva launched the Provisional Government Office and ruled over the Revenants in order to manage the limited human blood and Blood Tears. There were quite a few Revenants who harbored oppossition under his severe tyrannical rule.

    Provisional Government Office

    The general term of the organization established by Silva after Operation Queenslayer. It collects and distributes Blood Tears to Revenants, as well as provides custodial care to humans using protective shelters.

    —The “Blood Tax,” through which Blood Tears are offered to the Government Office, is one of the reasons weak Revenants are being enslaved.

    —The remaining humans have also been robbed of their freedom and are faced with strict control. Human blood is valuable to Revenants.

    “Cerberus”: The Public Order Preservation Force

    A Revenant force that belongs to the Provisional Government Office led by Silva. It observes the actions of Revenants living in various areas, and collects and distributes Blood Tears at fixed intervals. It is formed of many who survived Operation Queenslayer, and its combat ability is extremely high.

    Code Vein will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC worldwide in 2018.

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