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  • Square Enix Reveals Jump Festa Lineup and Schedule

    December 1st, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    Square Enix has revealed its lineup and stage schedule for Jump Festa, which takes place on December 15 and 16. 

    Here is the lineup of games:

    • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT (PS4) – Playable, Trailer, Stage
    • Dragon Quest Builders (Switch) – Playable, Trailer, Stage
    • Dragon Quest Rivals (iOS, Android) – Trailer, Stage
    • Dragon Quest X Online (Wii U, PC, PS4, Switch) – Stage
    • Hoshi no Dragon Quest (iOS, Android) – Special, Trailer, Stage
    • Secret of Mana (PS4, PS Vita, PC) – Trailer
    • Tatakae! Dragon Quest: Scan Battlers (Arcade) – Playable, Trailer, Stage

    Here is the stage schedule:

    December 16 (YouTube)

    • 11:30 – Dragon Quest Builders: Builders School Winter Course – The regular program “Builders Scool” will deliver information on the Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders. We will introduce the Switch version with a live gameplay demo. Featuring Noriyoshi Fujimoto (producer), Takuma Shiraishi (assistant producer), Saito-V (V-Jump editorial department), and MC Ranze Fukushima.
    • 13:00 – Ultra Dragon Quest X TV at Jump Festa 2018 Special – The Ultra Dragon Quest X TV broadcast live streamed on Niconico every month appears as a special stage at the Square Enix Jump Festa 2018 booth. There is a lot to look forward to, including the latest information, a battle challenge corner, and a debriefing of newbie ambassadors, and more. Featuring Yosuke Saito (producer), Takashi Anzai (director), Kouji Aoyama (technical director), MCs Ayana Tsubaki (talent) and Motohiro Takewaka (talent), and three members of the Dragon Quest X 6th Season Newbie Ambassadors.
    • 14:50 – Hoshi no Dragon Quest Ultra Giga Rare Stage – A special stage for Hoshi no Dragon Quest, which has exceeded 17 million downloads. We will introduce the appeal of the game, as well as report on the future developments you may be wondering about. Featuring Ryuutarou Ichimura (producer), Yuuta Nagano (management producer), Kouhata Shintarou (director), Yuji Horii (game designer), Saito-V (V-Jump editorial department), and MCs Chiaki Kyan (talent), Moga Shogun, and Momoko.

    December 17 (YouTube)

    • 12:00 – Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Jump Festa Special Stage – A special stage for Dissidia Final Fantasy, which will launch on January 11 in Japan. The producer and director will report the latest information about the game alongside special guests. Featuring Ichiro Hazama (producer), Takeo Kujiraoka (director), Arthur Lounsbery (voice actor), and MC Bunbun Maru.
    • 14:00 – Dragon Quest Rivals Jump Festa Special Stage – A special stage for the competitive digital card game Dragon Quest Rivals. We will have a live battle with the voice actors, as well as report the latest information. Featuring Tatsuhiro Futagita (producer), Yuusuke Tomida (management producer), and voice actors Megumi Han and Nobunaga Shimazaki.
    • 15:30 – Tatakae! Dragon Quest Scan Battlers: Japan’s Strongest Scan Battler Play-Offs Final Battle Stage – The final battle stage for the “Japan’s Strongest Scan Battler Play-Offs” tournament of the popular arcade card game Tatakae! Dragon Quest Scan Battlers. The heated tournament will come to a close on the Jump Festa stage. Featuring Scan Battler Ryouchin (Charisma), Mic Man Kasshi (Charisma), Mic Woman Yuuma (Charisma), Ryuutarou Ichimura (producer), and Saito-V (V-Jump Editorial Department).

    Thanks Gematsu.

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