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  • Rumour: GAME UK Looking to Open Retro Arcades

    December 4th, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    An industry source has told VGChartz that GAME intends to bring not just retro gaming cafes to the UK, but also old school arcades.

    Speaking at a recent event our source said the following:

    “Head office are 100% looking at retro gaming cafes. It makes sense when you think about it, Belong is doing well so why wouldn’t they look at different ways to monetize on that?”

    “They are also considering full size arcade machines. I’m not sure if they want to go the full arcade route, but it’s likely we’ll see them show up in Belong soon. The issue is the size of the Belong areas, but due to how lucrative it is, I imagine they’ll look at creating whole shops based around it. Think internet cafes but with VR, upcoming games, competitions - that kind of thing.”

    GAME remains the UK’s largest video game retailer, despite posting a large loss recently and the Multiplay division being eaten up by Unity Technologies.  Which could potentially affect this, because Belong is part of both GAME and Multiplay.

    The UK currently has no real arcades, unlike the USA, apart from the Arcade Club in Bury, and numerous minor pier-style arcades.

    Our source is verified but has requested to remain anonymous, which is why we're running this story as a rumour.

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