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  • Code Vein Info Details Blood Tears, Event Scenes and More

    December 28th, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    Bandai Namco has released new information on Code Vein that details Blood Tears, event scenes and more.

    Read the details below:

    ■ Blood Tears and Blood Tear Springs

    “Blood Tears” can satisfy a Revenant’s thirst for human blood in place of actual human blood by ingesting the liquid inside. These grow like fruits on plants called “Blood Tear Springs.”

    Blood Tears are like lifelines for the Revenants constantly suffering from a thirst for blood, but the Blood Tear Springs are withering one after the next due to the spread of miasma, and Blood Tears are becoming more and more difficult to acquire with each passing day.

    —Blood Tears grown on Blood Tear Springs. It is said that when the world was covered in a red mist and the Revenants were in danger of being destroyed, these Blood Tear Springs suddenly appeared.

    —The protagonist holds a Blood Tear in his hand. Its ingredients are shrouded in mystery, but they are a valuable existence to protect the Revenants from turning into the beasts known as Lost.

    ■ Regeneration of Blood Tear Springs

    One of the unique abilities possessed by the protagonist. By giving up his own blood, he can bring life back into a Blood Tears Spring that is withering and no longer bears fruit.

    —With a spill of the protagonist’s blood, the withering Blood Tears Spring regenerates with a dazzling light and can once again bear fruit.

    —The protagonist can also activate “parasitic plants.” What is the true extent of this power…?

    ■ A Look at Event Scenes


    Louis risks his life to block the paths of enemies in order to protect those who lack power. He showcases a strong sense of justice. He also has a lot of experience in fighting against Losts, so he is extremely reliable.

    Louis saves the protagonist when he is in a pinch. He does not abandon anyone in need by any means, and feels that strongly based on his consistent behavior. With this encounter, Louis’ own fate will begin moving in a major way.

    Since Louis distributes Blood Tears far and wide to Revenants who lack power, he is investigating with his comrades in order to find their source. However, the miasma that accelerates the Revenants’ thirst for blood is expanding, the Blood Tears Springs are withering one after the next, and the investigation seems to be at a stalemate… But then Louis witnesses the protagonist ability to regenerate Blood Tear Springs with his very eyes, and holding onto a gleam of hope, proposes they work together.


    Yakumo readies for battle with his weapon in hand. For the sake of his comrades, he will not falter when faced against a powerful enemy. When he awakened as a Revenant, he gave into his third for blood and became a Lost, but was saved by Louis and has been traveling with him since.

    Yakumo shows a sharp eye before the protagonist. As expected of a former mercenary, he urges strong caution towards an unfamiliar party, but that is also an action he takes to protect his comrades from danger.

    Yakumo takes out a picture. It seems to show close friend that he referred to as family during the time he was a mercenary. Their deaths seem to be unknownk, but will the day come where they can be reunited again…?

    Yakumo eats food that are not essential to the survial of a Revenant. It seems to be his way of living as a human. Could it also be related to his lost past?

    The protagonist earns Yakumo’s seal of approval, and gives him a firm handshake. Yakumo is a reliable character who risks his life to protect the people.

    ■ The Vestiges of a Revenant’s Memory

    One of the unique abilities possessed by the protagonist. By touching the crystallized memories of Revenants, you can relive a fragment of its owner memory.

    —A crystallized memory. Regardless of whether they are dead or alive, it contains a fragment of a Revenant’s memories. You will find them around the world of Vein.

    —When the protagonist touches a crystallized memory, the memories of its owner will flow inside them. In this case, it seems to be considerably painful.

    —A memory scene. The fragments of memory are reproduced from the perspective of the owner.

    ■ The Memories of Your Comrades

    As you explore, the lost memories of your comrades will be revealed. The protagonist will also learn about his or her own forgotten past. What is the cruel fate that awaits them…?

    —A fragment of Louis’ memory. It seems to be a memory of when he was still a student. What institution did Louis previously attend?

    —A scene that gives off the impression of a gruesome tragedy. Louis seems to be deeply involved, but…

    —Louis regains his memory and learned the origin of this thoughts. He makes the decision to face his painful memories and continue exploring.

    Code Vein will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC worldwide in early 2018.

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