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  • EA Developer Reports Receiving Multiple Death Threats Over Battlefront II

    November 14th, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    Star Wars Battlefront II has been the subject of controversy lately, primary due to its strict character unlock system and emphasis on microtransactions, but according to one of EA's developers this criticism has spilled over into death threats being aimed at him.

    The developer in question reportedly responded to a spreadsheet that's been circulating on Twitter that claims to show how long it takes on average to unlock Darth Vader in the game, saying that it was unreliable and ignored several important factors.

    As a result of his Tweets he claims to have personally received up to seven death threats, and thousands of abusive messages:

    "So I'm up to 7 death threats, and over 1600 individual personal attacks now (and yes, for legal reasons I'm keeping track). And why, you might ask? Because of an unpopular feature in a game."

    “Right? Over a freakin video game. I been getting used to it, as this has happened over the last 48 hrs, but then when telling my wife about it just hit me so hard when! This is a video game FFS!”

    Ironically the developer in question, who goes by the now-protected Twitter handle @BiggSean66, didn't even work on Battlefront II, but that hasn't prevented a substantial number of Twitter users from harassing him.

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