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  • DanganRonpa-Inspired Visual Novel ‘Quantum Suicide’ Development on Hold Due to Legal Battle

    November 25th, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    CottonCandy Cyanide, the developer behind the intriguing visual novel Quantum Suicide, has recently provided an update on the status of her upcoming game - and things aren't looking good. In it, she details her personal struggles in undergoing a separation from her partner and states that the ownership of the IP has become part of a legal battle, which she is attempting to solve as quickly as possible.

    Quantum Suicide was originally funded through Kickstarter for PC & Vita in 2015. You can watch a trailer for the title above. Hopefully the developer is able to work through these issues swiftly for her own wellbeing as well as to deliver a product which is as brilliant as her original pitch.

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