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  • Arcade Distillery Announces Skullpirates, War Theatre & Manufactured Beauty for PS4, PSV & NS

    November 27th, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    Over on the PlayStation Blog, Arcade Distillery founder Luc Bernard has detailed three upcoming PS4/Vita titles that the studio has in development - Skullpirates, War Theatre, and Manufactured Beauty. It appears that all three games are also coming to Nintendo Switch, as per a tweet on the studio's Twitter page.




    Listed as an action-RPG, Skullpirates pitches you as the eponymous creatures working for the Skull Queen. You'll need to infiltrate nearby islands to obtain treasure which is used to pay off the ship's debt. Featuring drop-in/out co-op as well as cross-play multiplayer on PS4 & Vita, the game is in "early development" at present but will be playable at PSX next month. A trailer can be viewed in the Tweet below.



    War Theatre

    A strategy-RPG said to make improvements on the formula laid by the studio's earlier Plague Road release, War Theatre is set in the same universe as Arcade Distillery's other games but in the far future. Again, cross-play multiplayer is present but this time focusing on PvP. The game is due in Q1 2018 and will also be playable at PSX in December.



    Manufactured Beauty

    Originally announced in May of this year on The Vita Lounge's website, Bernard's 3D platformer was re-confirmed to be in development during the blog post. Few updates were given and it was confirmed the game wouldn't be playable at PSX, but the title is still slated for release some time in 2018.


    According to a newsletter sent out, funding for Skullpirates will be done through a Kickstarter which launches on the 1st of December and will grant access to exclusive rewards including special physical copies.

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