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  • Microsoft: Demand for Xbox One X is High in the UK, Shortages are Possible

    October 29th, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    UK boss Harvey Eagle warned that there might be possible shortages of the Xbox One X at launch in the UK and that Microsoft plans on shipping new units every week to try to meet the demand. 

    "It was the fastest pre-order of an Xbox that we've ever had," Eagle told GamesIndustry. "I can't guarantee that stock will be available in launch week for people to just walk into a store and pick up. Demand is really high. I'd just encourage people if they want one at launch, to get moving. What I can say is that we will have new stock deliveries into retail each week as we get through to Christmas.

    "You have to be able to explain why games are going to look and play better on Xbox One X, but people still want to see those games, you are right."

    Microsoft is running a "full console launch campaign." Assassin's Creed Origins and Forza Motorsport 7 are expected to be the main games advertised for the Xbox One X.

    "It's the biggest game in the world right now, so that's a good start," he said speaking of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. "It will have great appeal for people who enjoy shooters on consoles. People who play Overwatch today and Call of Duty... I think they will love PUBG. Some will have already played it on PC and know how great it is, but there are many who haven't. We are really excited about it and we will treat it as an important launch for us."

    Eagle is optimistic the Xbox One lineup and the Xbox One X will be a success at retail.

    "If I think about the home console market, there is actually growth there this year, which I think is great," Eagle added. "A lot of that is driven by the success of Switch. Nintendo is doing a really great job. Obviously, with Xbox One X launching, we think that is a real opportunity for retailers to have success with Xbox.

    "From a gaming point-of-view, there is a fantastic run of games coming. I mentioned Assassin's Creed Origins, then a couple of weeks after you have Call of Duty: WWII and then shortly after that you have Star Wars: Battlefront II. We talked about PUBG coming to Xbox this exclusive. Beyond Christmas, I am very exciting about our slate. We have Sea of Thieves from Rare, we have State of Decay 2 and we have Crackdown 3. I think the forward looking view of games is very healthy.

    "What we are seeing is digital sales of games are growing strongly, you're right."

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