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  • Shakedown Hawaii Trailer Reveals Story Mode and Business Metagame

    July 11th, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    Developer Vblank released a trailer today for its upcoming open-world parody Shakedown: Hawaii that discloses many new story and gameplay details.

    A spiritual successor to Vblank's 2012 title Retro City Rampage — which poked fun at pop culture, video game tropes, and the shady business ethics of gaming giants — Shakedown: Hawaii looks to skewer new targets: mega corporations and white collar criminals.

    Players control an over-the-hill CEO in a business world that's passed him by. To keep his company alive, he'll need to resort to unethical business practices. Enter Shakedown: Hawaii's business metagame, in which players can gain ownership of properties and businesses across the Hawaiian island. The aging CEO will also enjoy opportunities to sabotage competitors, shake down shops for protection money, and "rezone" land.

    Fans of free-roaming and hyper-violence need not fret, however. Vblank, in its latest blog post, promises "the same carjacking, combat and shootouts you'd expect from the genre."

    As of today, there's no release date for Shakedown: Hawaii. It's scheduled to arrive on Switch, 3DS, PS4, PSV, and PC. Vblank will self-publish physical copies of the game, as it did with Retro City Rampage.

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