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  • Sony Announces Smartphone PlayLink Range for PS4

    June 13th, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    Sony has revealed a small batch of smartphone-based games for the PlayStation 4 called PlayLink. These games have multiple users hitting buttons on their smartphones, with the results playing out on the PS4. Five games have been announced for PlayLink so far.

    Hidden Agenda

    Hidden Agenda is a crime thriller where you make different choices with your friends or on your own. The choices you make will change how the game plays out, much like in TellTale-esque adventure titles.

    That's You!

    That's You! is a casual quiz game which asks you questions about the personalities of those you're playing with. You can also mess around with their photos, because why not?


    Knowledge is Power

    Knowledge is Power is another quiz title but with a more traditional competitive edge. Distractions will also be hurled at you while you play.


    Frantics is a competitive mini game compilation for up to four players in which you must 'bluff, battle, negotiate and co-operate your way to victory'.



    SingStar Celebration

    Finally, SingStar returns in the form of SingStar Celebration, which will allow up to eight players to sing badly into their phones.

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