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  • Tibia MMO Player Wants up to $5,000 to Reveal a 12 Year Game Secret

    May 11th, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    Tibia is an MMO that's been around since 1997; it's free to play and features all of the usual staples of the genre, from PvP to grinding.

    As Patrick Klepek explains in a series of articles covering the game, there's a notorious secret for any players that manage to reach level 999 in the game and then walk through the gate/doorway in the image below.

    The problem is it's so difficult to achieve this - with death at a high level potentially pushing your progress back by hours or even days - that it took one player over nine years of meticulous grinding to achieve the goal. That's not all that surprising given that the game's own project lead has admitted they never intended for anyone to actually reach level 999.

    But it begs the question: what exactly is behind that door? What is the reward for all those years of grinding? Well only two people have ever walked through the doorway and they're not telling.

    The first player to reach level 999 - Kharsek - still plays the game over 7 hours a day on average, but he decided to keep the well-earned secret to himself. Now the second, a player called Dev onica, has finally hit level 999 with the help of another user called Moonzinn, but he's holding the secret ransom. His stream has a donation bar that was originally set for $5,000, but which has now been lowered to $2,000, and the implication is he won't walk through the door on stream until that figure is hit. Indeed, he will even tease his viewers by idling outside the doorway at times.

    Fans aren't biting, however, and they're not even convinced Dev onica will follow through if they pay up the now $2,000 demand. So the wait continues, with Klepek noting that three other players are also now within touching distance of the finishing line. Touching distance in this particular case being around a year away.

    With the game's developer refusing to reveal the secret, unless Dev onica changes his mind, Tibia fans will likely have to wait another year for the secret to finally be revealed.

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