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  • Reggie Explains Why the New 2DS XL Exists

    May 3rd, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    Nintendo announced last week the New Nintendo 2DS XL. The new handheld is designed to be somewhere between the entry level 2DS and the higher end New 3DS XL.

    "There is a visual impact difference between these different items, and we believe in our market by having these three different variants," Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aimé told TIME.

    "The Nintendo 2DS really focused on that entry level gamer, the four-, five-, six-year old that is just getting into gaming, but wants to play Mario Kart, wants to have a Super Mario Bros. experience, wants to play Pokémon. And we feel with Nintendo 3DS XL at $199 that it's a fully-featured product, that it is, if you will, the Cadillac of handheld gaming. And then we heard from consumers, 'Boy, I wish there was something in between.'"

    Reggie added that nearly 90 percent sales of the handheld have been with the 3D built-in, while 2DS sales account for just 11 percent.

    "If you look life-to-date at the overall performance of the platform, almost 90% of the unit sales have been with 3D visual capability," said Fils-Aimé. "So maybe said a different way, 2DS to date has represented only 11% of the total volume base. What that tells me is that for the vast majority of consumers, 3D is an important feature."

    The New Nintendo 2DS XL launches July 28 at $149.

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