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  • Blaster Master Zero Ver. 1.2 Adds Two New Gameplay Modes

    May 3rd, 2017GamespotUncategorized

    The first major content update for Blaster Master Zero arrived today, and with it came two new gameplay modes. Version 1.2 includes a "hard mode" called Destroyer Mode and an EX Character Mode, which allows you to play through the game as one of several new DLC characters.

    Destroyer Mode, available after clearing the game, provides a challenging hard mode for Blaster Master Zero veterans. Life up items are disabled; defeated enemies unleash bullets that fly in the player's direction; and the strongest weapon in Normal Mode, the Wave gun, doesn't work against enemies in top-down maps. Players will need to find the right gun level for each enemy to hope to do any damage.

    EX Character Mode introduces new DLC characters, who play differently from the game's signature hero, Jason. Announced so far are Gunvolt and Ekoro, both from Azure Striker Gunvolt, another Inti Creates property. Gunvolt uses electrical abilities "Flashfield" and "Prevasion" and Ekoro wields dual "Desert Angel" guns. More characters are on the way.

    Note that DLC characters will be free for the first two weeks after launch. After the free download period ends, characters will become paid DLC. The free download timeframe for Gunvolt is May 4 to May 17. The timeframe for Ekoro is June 1 to June 14. After those windows close each character will retail for $1.99.

    The Ver 1.2 update is now available for Switch owners worldwide. The 3DS version will be available on May 4. A demo is available on both platforms for those interested in testing the game.

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