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  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 change log details new mechanics, character tweaks

    January 31st, 2014JoystiqNews
    There isn't a single character who won't undergo some tweaking in Ultra Street Fighter 4. Capcom posted a massive change log over on Capcom-Unity, revealing not only individual character balances, but also some more detail on how the new Red Focus attacks and Ultra Combo Doubles will work.

    Red Focus attacks, charged strikes that allow the user to absorb an infinite barrage of hits while they wind up and deliver a focused attack, are performed by hitting the light punch, medium punch and medium kick buttons all at the same time. Red Focus takes up two meters from a fighter's Super guage, but you can also perform an EX version of that same move using three meters.

    Capcom also broke down the damage output for characters who choose to employ the Ultra Combo Double, which lets fighters go into a match having both of their character-specific Ultra Combo moves equipped; however, going this route sacrifices some of the potency. Zangief, Cammy, Fei Long, T.Hawk, Makoto, Hakan, Dhalsim, Rose, Akuma, E. Honda and Hugo will all do 60% of their usual damage when utilizing the Ultra Combo Double, while every other fighter in Ultra Street Fighter 4 will do 75% of their Ultra's usual damage.

    As for individual character changes, a lot of folks are having certain standing attacks and special moves sped up, while a few others like Chun Li and Evil Ryu will be given extra life in Ultra Street Fighter 4. For the full breakdown on character-specific changes, hit up Capcom-Unity.

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