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    February 4th, 2010360voiceGeneral, News

    Below is a big ol' post about tomorrow's Badge update. Special thanks goes out to Dog of Thunder who compiled the list and did the entire write up.  He also helped as I frantically sorted though all these titles and their crazy names.  Thanks as well to Fshguy for all his usual encouragement on getting badges in order.

    Dog of Thunder put together a thread for feedback/information, so check that out when you are done. It is so awesome it got linked 3 times.

    Finally before the update info, a quick state of badges update.  Tomorrow (Thursday Feb 4th) only genres and collections will run.  I need to benchmark  these on the site.  We are speed testing and looking for issues this weekend, so we will slowly be turning badges back on to test.  I will try to get updates posted in the forum.  Link will be here when I have it.

    And that's all! On with the show....

    It's that time of the year again. Time for the 2010 Q1 Genre Badge Update!

    Now while the community once again placed the majority of these titles, you'll notice some of 2010's biggest and best releases have already found homes. This is our way of making up for the badges being up and down during the month of January. As usual, if you feel anything is missing, head on over to the Badge forum and voice your opinion.

    Step 1: The Additions


    • Banjo-Kazooie
    • Bango-Tooie
    • Brutal Legend
    • Darksiders*
    • WET


    • LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Cash-in Continues
    • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes


    • DrabonBall Z: Raging Blast
    • Tekken 6


    • Army of Two Two* (Dog refuses to use that "other" title)
    • Halo: ODST
    • Modern Warfare 2

    Hack and Slash

    • Bayonetta
    • Dishwasher: Dead Samurai


    • Band Hero
    • DJ Hero
    • Guitar Hero: Van Halen
    • LEGO Rock Band


    • 'Splosion Man
    • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts


    • Bust a Move


    • Forza 3
    • Need for Speed: Shift


    • Bubble Bobble
    • Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection


    • Borderlands
    • Dragon Age: Origins
    • Magna Carta 2
    • Mass Effect 2*


    • Assassin's Creed 2
    • Saboteur
    • Wheelman


    • Assault Heroes 2
    • Raiden IV (renamed/fixed on site)


    • NCAA Basketball 09
    • NCAA Basketball 10
    • NBA 2k10
    • NBA 2k10 Draft Combine


    • Spectral Force 3
    • Zoids Assualt


    • Left 4 Dead 2
    • Saw

    Top Gun

    • Heroes Over Europe


    • Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

    Step 2: Removals

    As time goes on, some genres stick out from the rest either through sheer numbers (Sports/FPS) or through the lack of people that have the badge (Strategy). As of January 28th, exactly three times as many people held the Top Gun badges then the Strategy badges. To bring Sports back in line, the decision was made to remove all of the 2006-2008 annual franchise games. This dropped the numbers required for Sports to fit right in with the other genres.

    To Be Removed From Sports - 29 total titles

    • College Hoops 2k6
    • College Hoops 2k7
    • College Hoops 2k8
    • FIFA 06 ROTWC
    • FIFA 07
    • FIFA 08
    • Madden NFL 06
    • Madden NFL 07
    • Madden NFL 08
    • MLB 2k6
    • MLB 2k7
    • MLB 2k8
    • NBA 2k6
    • NBA 2k7
    • NBA 2k8
    • NBA Live 06
    • NBA Live 07
    • NBA Live 08
    • NCAA Football 07
    • NCAA Football 08
    • NCAA March Madness 07
    • NCAA March Madness 08
    • NHL 2k6
    • NHL 2k7
    • NHL 2k8
    • NHL 07
    • NHL 08
    • Tiger Woods 07
    • Tiger Woods 08

    Strategy - The genre has greatly expanded since the badges were first created. Turn based and RTS titles are now fairly common and come out on a regular basis, as do Tower Defense titles (South Park, Defense Grid, Crystal Defenders). This has left Strategy with some very odd looking titles that did not match the rest. We also compared number of gamers that have played the titles, and pulled both Stormrise and Supreme Commander. Each title has low play #'s, low metacritic scores, and very high TA ratios. By removing these, we have hopefully made the Strategy genre a bit easier.

    Strategy Removals

    • Battlestations: Midway
    • Outpost Kaloki X
    • Star Trek: Legacy
    • Stormrise
    • Supreme Commander

    Music Removals

    • Boom Boom Rocket
    • "All Rockband Track Packs"

    Collection Changes

    • Cars: Mater-National is removed from Movie games.
    • Hellboy: Science of Evil is removed from Movie games.
    • Cameron's Avatar is placed into Movie games.
    • Alaskan Storm: Deadliest Catch is placed into The Great Outdoors
    • Cabela's Big Buck Hunter 2010 is placed into The Great Outdoors.
  • scissors
    February 2nd, 2010360voiceGeneral

    Here it is... the first list of the top twenty people for the year twenty ten!

    1. the dren *
    2. Stallion83 *
    3. admiringworm *
    4. PSonic *
    5. Major Nelson
    6. GhostlyMaiden *
    7. SPEEDY G60
    8. unsafesh0tgun
    9. Fshguy *
    10. Chrome30 *
    11. sekes
    12. ESS3NC3 0F 3V1L *
    13. Dog of Thunder *
    14. VaultDweller01
    15. CRU x360a *
    16. t4nd4r *
    18. ZOIG
    19. ponypo2001 *
    20. tigereye75
    Your names are all so cute. Like little rabbits.