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    January 28th, 2010360voiceGeneral, News

    Just an update on badges, they should be back up Tuesday February 2nd, unless something unexpected happens.  The remainder of this week, we will be doing a bit of maintenance to clean up a few jobs, and maybe speed some of the process up a bit.  To get things up quicker, not all badges will update everyday.  There will be some badges that update daily, others may alternate days.  When I get done testing the speeds I will work on a list to post on the 2nd.

    Thanks again for your patience, this is taking way longer then expect.  We are approaching some of the limits of the database and processing time, but a bit of clean up and maintenance should help get things running smoother.

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    January 16th, 2010360voiceGeneral, News

    UPDATE Jan-08-2010 Morning - Ran a partial badge run last night, and tested speed of others.  Only a few badges were updated last night.  On Tuesday I will get another batch run which should be about half the badges updating daily, starting Wednesday.  See what I can add from there, until we can schedule major maintenance.

    Jobs are delayed today, and we could have had a slightly delay data capture today.  So Just in case every gets a free day on their streaks.

    In other news today and tomorrow doing a little bit of maintenance on the site.  There is more stuff that needs done then can be knocked out this weekend, but want to get a few things running a bit better.  Badges are still off today.  However for tomorrow, I hope to get partial badges running.  So basically I will get select badges updating again, and start working on the rest.  More news tomorrow.

    Thanks for everyone patience!

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    January 7th, 2010360voiceGeneral
    Posted on behalf of Mightymango

    People have been asking about this for over two years now. And the time has finally come! EA has announced the server for NBA Live 07 will be turned off on Feb 2nd 2010.

    We have chosen Sunday January 31st 2010 for the last shot at the 1,000 people online achievement.

    The times will be:

    7PM: Central Europe (GMT +1)
    6PM: UK (GMT)
    1PM: US Eastern (GMT -5)
    Noon: US Central (GMT -6)
    11AM : US Mountain (GMT -7)
    10AM : US Western (GMT -8)

    For more information check out the forum thread.

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    January 2nd, 2010360voiceGeneral

    Here it is... the last month of 2009... and those that had the most popular blogs.

    * means comments are enabled! Go leave congrats!

    1. the dren *
    2. Stallion83 *
    3. PSonic *
    4. t4nd4r *
    5. Major Nelson
    6. unsafesh0tgun
    7. Fshguy *
    8. CRU x360a *
    9. griffey95 *
    10. admiringworm *
    11. SPEEDY G60
    12. ESS3NC3 0F 3V1L *
    14. ZOIG
    15. sekes
    16. Chrome30 *
    17. Seng IV *
    18. Dog of Thunder *
    19. IgnorantQuarrel *
    20. tigereye75
    Look at that beautiful list.