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    December 30th, 2009360voiceGeneral, News

    Hi Everyone! It has been some time since I have reached out with an update of just what the heck is going on around here these days... I know it isn't 2010... but it is just around the corner, and I wanted to bring everyone up to speed.

    Currently 360voice is still owned by GamerDNA which is now owned by Crispy Gamer. Fatty Chubs, myself or Squidpunch no longer work with any of those entities... In fact Steve and I now work at a new startup in Boston called MeYou Health! Is your head spinning yet?

    So what does this mean for 360voice? It means that for now... Steve, David and myself will continue to answer support... keep the site running... try and not break anything until we can figure out next steps. Just today I had to recode the way the stats on the blog process because when people were deleting their blogs and reactivating them it was creating corrupt data. Steve is hard at work this week figuring out why the badges are so slow that it is dragging down the rest of the site.

    All that said, because we don't officially work for the people that own 360voice anymore, we work on the site at the pleasure of Crispy Gamer. If they decide that they don't want us to work on the site, than we will stop and someone else will take over. Because it is the holidays, everyone is starting new jobs, and all the pieces of the company acquisition are falling into place, who knows what the long term outcome will be... just know that like always Steve and I continue to do lots of work each day to make sure that things at least run... we aren't always able to jump in and fix things right away... and we can't always respond to support immediately... but we have been using a guy for some support contracting... Lagnajit Roy... to do all the gamertag changes and other easy tasks so that we can be sure they get done! If you have submitted a support ticket you might have bumped into him. He is a good guy, but doesn't know everything about Xbox so take it easy on him! ;)

    Steve and I have been working on 360voice for almost 4 years now... we have no plans to let it evaporate. I don't want to make any promises... if there is one thing 2009 taught me, it is that life can turn on a dime... but we would love to give the site a redesign with a new look and ideas for PAX Boston in March. But like I said... who knows at this point. 2010 is a big blank slate.

    So Happy New Year everyone. Thanks for continuing to use and support the site.

  • scissors
    December 29th, 2009360voiceGeneral, News

    Things are running a bit slow on the servers during the holidays, badges are going to be turned off for the next few days while we investigate.

    There are no planned updates, and no planned outages at this point.  We will investigate possible fixes to the situation, and update when we have work planned or everything is back to normal.

    So hope everyone celebrating a holiday had a good time and got the gifts they wanted. I managed to get a little Xbox in everywhere I went, even without Xbox Live. Lips and Peggle were the favorites.   What did everyone play?